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Why It’s Best To Make Funeral Plans In Advance

Making funeral plans is rarely on our to do list. After all, we’re all immortal aren’t we? We sometimes act as if we were, and planning ahead for the inevitable is something we understandably would rather not think about.

Funeral plans are in large part designed to dictate what will happen to you immediately after you pass on, but in reality, that is almost a secondary purpose for making them. A good funeral plan should accomplish a couple of very important things. Number one, it should help ensure that the funeral and burial wishes of the deceased and his or her immediate family are met, and number two,  it should relieve the surviving spouse or members of the immediate family of the burden of having to make plans and decision hastily during a time of grief.

Emotional Benefits – Most of us would like to have a decent funeral, if not a fancy or expensive one. The argument can be made that once we die whatever happens doesn’t matter, but most of us just don’t think that way. We don’t want to leave the surviving members of our family with feelings of stress or guilt, or under financial burden. When a funeral has been well planned for, and that plan is carried out, it can be a source of comfort in times of grief. That bears repeating. A funeral that has been well planned can definitely provide emotional benefits to your loved ones. We may think when we first start planning our own funeral we’re doing so in order that our own wishes will be carried out. That’s true, but at the same time, we’re doing a lot of good for our loved ones.

Peace Of Mind – There is another good reason behind making your funeral plans ahead of time. This reason doesn’t apply to everyone, because we don’t all think the same. Most of us however would like to have peace of mind in knowing that all of our affairs are in order at the time of our departure. We don’t like the thought of our surviving spouse, immediate family, or business associates picking up loose ends, or cleaning up a mess that we have left behind. Since we don’t often know beforehand when we are going to die, there’s no guarantee that everything will indeed be in order when the time comes. There is one thing we can do, however, and that is to put a funeral plan in place, and make certain that plan is funded, which is where having funeral insurance can play an important role.

We can’t necessarily help you get all of your affairs in order, but we can certainly be there for you when it comes to making your funeral plans as well as your insurance needs. We’d be delighted to help you with your planning, and will be happy to provide you with free quotes as those plans are being made. Contact us today to get a head start. There’s no obligation to you when you make an enquiry or get a free quote.