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The Benefits of Private Medical Insurance

Since most medical services are free under New Zealand’s public health care system, one might question what benefit, if any, is gained by taking out a private medical insurance policy. A problem encountered by those who use the public health care system, is the so-called waiting line problem. Under the public system, one can usually visit a doctor on short notice, and the same applies to gaining access to hospital treatment in the event of a medical emergency. New Zealand’s public health care system sometimes falls short however when it comes to quick and easy access to hospital care for treatment other than emergency treatment. One often has to wait a period of time before having surgery, an even major surgery.

This waiting in line problem is not unique to New Zealand. Other countries whose medical services are publicly or government funded often have the exact same problem. This is usually due to the health care system being underfunded. By having private medical insurance, this waiting in line problem can usually be circumvented, which is why some Kiwis opt for private medical insurance. It should be noted that those having private coverage are still eligible for publicly subsidized medical treatment.

If you feel it would be to your advantage to have private medical coverage, we can provide you with quotes from the major private insurers. It might be worth noting that most policies will not cover treatment of a pre-existing condition, though some will, resulting in the premium costing significantly more. In any event, we can get you free quotes from these providers. Clicking on our “Get a Quote” button on this page will get you on your way, so why not get started today?