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How Accurate are the House Insurance Quotes NZ Companies Provide?

How accurate are the house insurance quotes NZ companies provide? One way to answer that question is to ask another question; How accurate was the information provided to get the quote? The more precise and correct that information is, the more accurate you can expect the house insurance quotes NZ companies offer to be.

Just remember though, a quote is an estimate. It’s an estimate of what the cost of the premium would be  based on the information  given regarding the cover wanted as well as a number of other pieces of information; about the house and about the applicant as well. It is seldom the case that all of the information an insurance company needs is provided when asking for an initial quote. By the time one is ready to sign for a policy, the premium will likely not be the same as the initial quote was. If the initial information was accurate, however, it shouldn’t be too far off. There’s a saying widely used by software programmers – “garbage in – garbage out”. In other words, a quote is only going to be as realistic and accurate as the information being fed into the process.

Another thing to remember is a quote is like a tool, one used to work with the company to build a policy that’s the right fit. A quote should never be a “take it or leave it” proposition, and seldom is meant as such. It is among other things a bargaining chip. Got a quote you’re happy with? Ask about a discount before you accept it.

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