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My Insurance Guide Privacy Policy

At My Insurance Guide we care about you privacy. The information that you provide to any of the online insurance providers during a chat/email  session is voluntary and is strictly confidential between you and that provider you are dealing with. The information obtained during the chat session will be archived and may be used in order to help the provider better serve you.

My Insurance Guide also has the right to monitor chat/email sessions as well as looking up past chat/email sessions in order to maintain the integrity of all of our participating providers, brokers, and/or agents and to ensure the highest standards in quality control. My Insurance Guide may sell, share, or otherwise, any information provided during a chat/email session with any outside lenders or marketers, or other non-affiliated institutions. If you have any questions concerning our privacy statement, please feel free to contact customer service at info (at) myinsuranceguide.co.nz