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Checklist For Buying

Things to have ready when buying a travel policy

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checklist for buying travel insurance Checklist For Buying Travel Insurance

So you’re going to Europe for a family vacation and need European travel insurance, or you may be jumping across the ditch to Australia and need short term travel insurance. Use the list below to help speed up the buying process. New Zealand travel insurance companies generally require the following information:

  • What country (or countries) are you visiting? Certain countries have higher risks associated with them. This will affect your travel insurance premiums or determine whether you will be eligible for travel insurance cover at all.
  • The insurance company will want to know whether you are travelling alone, with a group or with your family.
  • The exact dates of departure and return.
  • The insurance provider will need to know the different ages of the travelers.

The above information is basically all you need to receive a travel insurance quote. To accept the conditions and price of the quote, you will need to supply other personal information. Find out how to get the cheapest travel insurance policy by visiting our save on insurance section.

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