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Motorhome Insurance FAQs

Frequently asked questions about campervan & trailer insurance

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Caravan & motorhome iconFrequently Asked Questions about Motorhome Insurance

I want to purchase caravan insurance. What will be covered in the policy?

The usual things covered under a caravan insurance policy are repair costs or replacement costs. If deemed non-repairable, you will be paid out at the market value of your caravan at the time of the accident. Some insurance providers will provide additional terms in their policy such as:
I) Road clearing costs after an accident
II) Towing costs
III) Rescuing costs

Will my caravan insurance cover me on all New Zealand caravan sites?

Most insurance policies will cover the whole of New Zealand. Check with your insurance provider to ensure you have coverage for all caravan sites.

Does my caravan insurance cover awnings?

Yes, usually your policy will cover your caravan awnings, although you should thoroughly read and understand your policy.

Can I insure my boat trailer?

Some insurance providers choose not to cover boat trailers under the trailer insurance policy. You can obtain coverage for your trailer although you must ensure it is listed in your boat insurance policy. Check with your NZ insurance provider. As every company is different.

If my caravan is damaged while I am on holiday, will my insurance coverage pay for other accommodations?

Some insurance providers will offer this in their caravan insurance policy. Make sue you ask your provider whether they offer this service and ensure it is included in your policy.

If you couldn’t find an answer to your question within the motorhome insurance FAQ section, contact us directly or request an insurance quote online.

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