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Checklist For Buying

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checklist for buying motorbike insurance Checklist For Buying Motorbike Insurance

Buying motorcycle insurance is similar to purchasing car or truck insurance. A provider will need the following information:

  • Details of your motorbike — including engine size, model, make and year.
  • The type of cover you want to purchase — full or third party cover.
  • Where your motorcycle is kept when not in use — garage, car port or roadside.
  • How often you ride your motorbike, including approximate yearly mileage.
  • Prior accident history, including accidents involving a motorcycle, car or truck. The insurance company will also require specific details such as who was at fault, the other party’s insurance provider (if a third party is involved), whether a claim was paid and the amount of the claim.

Find out how to negotiate great rates by visiting our save on motorcycle insurance section.

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