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Types of Commercial Insurance

Property, equipment, vehicle and plant & equipment cover

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types of commercial insurance Types of Commercial Insurance

Some insurance providers and brokers specialise in commercial insurance. Because such large sums of money and assets are at risk, it’s important that you do your homework carefully.

Commercial insurance comes in all different shapes and sizes depending on the insurance provider it is purchased it from. Most business insurance policies are customised to suit the business’ unique needs. Commercial insurance generally covers the following areas:

Company cars and trucks

Every business is different. Regardless of how many cars or trucks your business owns, a commercial insurance company will provide a customised quote for you.


Some commercial insurance companies offer different levels of coverage. For example, there is general liability insurance, there is statutory insurance coverage, which will protect you against fines, and there is insurance that covers your responsibilities as an employer for bodily injury to employees.

Plant equipment

Commercial machinery and plant equipment can be insured against breakdowns.


Property insurance covers accidents, insures equipment and business interruption in the event of property damage.
You can find out ways to save by viewing our save on commercial insurance section.

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